Elphinstone Steps Repairs, Thurs April 21st 9.30

Duncan writes:

Contrary to what i may have said to a few of you, we are not going to be working on the River Tyne, instead we shall tackle some repairs to a flight of steps adjoining the Pencaitland Railway Walk at Elphinstone. Though a relatively small job – it will only need say 6-8 of you and should only take the morning, I trust it is one that will give both on the ground experience and a sense of satisfaction -seeing dodgy steps made good is always satisfying and we need to do this at other sites around the county (yes Janice, I am thinking of the Tyne at Tyninghame, amongst others).

So, if you would like to attend, as i am away, can you email Nick who’ll be in charge at mailto:nmorgan@eastlothian.gov.uk

Parking: In Elphinstone as best as you can. Please don’t park on the access road / path itself as it is both new and the landowner is not keen on vehicles there.

Work to be done:
Steps to repair – between 5-7- and tidying up around their edges. Some ‘rural joinery’ practice and a bit of hauling up of whin dust from the bottom of the steps will form the basis of this task which should only take a few folk the morning.

Training. Nick is a grand step master so will guide the work.
If it is benign and butterfly-like he may divert you along these lines, too.
What to bring?
Old clothes for working in – including boots and gloves if you have them.
Bring also some food and drink for lunch
Hammer if you have on
A few spades for the group as a whole
Tools and Equipment being used on the day:
Saws – for cutting step risers
Mattock – for knocking in stakes
Spirit level – I can dream – for getting steps and risers perfectly level and vertical!
Hammers – for nailing stakes to risers
Claw hammer / crow bar for taking out any bent nails. Surely there’ll be none!

Let Nick know if you plan to come along, thanks!

April Events

A wee reminder of volunteer tasks this showery month (courtesy of Katty Baird)
NB: New faces always welcome! If you would like to join in with a group for the first time, please get in touch with the relevant ranger for details.
* Aberlady –Weds 6th and Sun 17th April
John; jharrison@eastlothian.gov.uk
* Yellowcraig – Thurs 7th April
Dave; dwild@eastlothian.gov.uk
* Path Wardens team task – Thurs 21st April
Duncan; dpriddle@eastlothian.gov.uk
* North Berwick – Tues 26th April
Sam; sranscombe@eastlothian.gov.uk
* Levenhall – Fri 29th April
Nick; naitken1@eastlothian.gov.uk
* John Muir CP – Sat 9th and Weds 27th April
Tara/Brian; dcv@eastlothian.gov.uk

Tern Fence

Tara writes:
Dear All,
As we outlined at the beginning of the year we have thrown in a few extra tasks, this is one! Saturday 8th April 2016 10am Linkfield Carpark . We are putting up the tern fence to prevent disturbance to the area that terns nest on the tip of Spike Island.
If you would like to join us please let me know. It is usually a longer task than normal depending on how many folk come so bring along your lunch, warm and windproof clothes it can be chilly out on the dunes. We should be finished by 1500 at the latest.
Countryside Ranger – John Muir Country Park

Spring Tyne Stroll

Join us on a guided walk along the River Tyne Path on Saturday 30th April.

The walk will give you a great way to stretch your legs, perhaps discover this delightful route for the first time, but certainly the chance to learn more about the wildlife, history and management of the path and its surrounding countryside – from the volunteers and from our local experts, rangers from the ELC Countryside Ranger Service, who will be stationed at various points along the route.

See more details, and register, on the SpringTyne Stroll page.