There are many ways to help, either in a pre-organised team task, or as an individual whenever it suits you. Which of these looks interesting?

Maintain Infrastructure
Get your hands dirty, employ your DIY skills: mend bridges, erect fences, paint signs

Look after a Path
Regularly check "your very own" path - for damage or if its overgrown, or strewn with litter

Control Invasive Plants
Dig out (and maybe bonfire) those pesky plants, like Sea Buckthorn and Piri-Piri, that we just don't want

Survey Wildlife
Monitor how wildlife - Butterflies, Moths, Newts, Bats - is progressing, to add to the global database

Monitor Grazing Sheep & Ponies
Make sure the grazing animals which have been introduced are all present & correct!

Clean up the Litter
Keep Britain Tidy

Become a Charity Trustee
Want to help with the overall organisation? Got some skills? Don't think you have any? - but if you volunteer then at least one of those skills is knowledge of your local patch. Contact any of the trustees

Could Your Company Help?
We are keen to here from any companies that would like to volunteer staff time to projects, at any of our sites. Tasks can be tailored somewhat to the needs of the company. So, if you’re interested in the team building opportunities of scrub bashing, beach cleaning, or some other task then we’d be pleased to hear from you!

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