Beach Cleans

Despite King Kanute’s best efforts, the tide comes in twice a day and with it brings a frustratingly large amount of plastic bag and bottles, polystyrene, and everything else that gets chucked away. All this litter is potentially harmful to the wildlife and it makes an otherwise wild and beautiful landscape look an awful mess.

Volunteer teams go out on a mission regularly through the year to clear all this mess away and it’s a very satisfying task to be able to look back along a spotlessly clean, long stretch of sandy beach. We do this at all our coastal sites, especially the busy ones at Aberlady and Yellowcraig.

Path Wardens

Our Path Wardens constantly monitor their designated paths, and remove all the crap that the unthinking public often leave behind (maybe not this thoroughly). Which makes it so much more appealing for those that follow!

All gloves, bags, litter pickers, and other kit is provided, volunteers just need to bring along the usual stuff as listed here.

Or don't wait for the ranger -
Do It Yourself!
This poster is displayed around Gullane & Yellowcraig