River Tyne Giant Hogweed Map

As part of our river Tyne Hogweed Eradication programme, we survey the entire River Tyne and all its tributaries looking for Giant Hogweed (and other invasives) and record them on a master map - see below or at //tinyurl.com/THE-2019  You can zoom in, move around, or click on an item to see more detail. If you want to hide/view different sections (layers), click the box top left or go full screen by clicking the broken box top right. On a mobile phone it's better in landscape mode.

We plan to keep this as up-to-date as we can. Please report any sightings (and even treatment if you can) to hogweed@elcv.org.uk. You can record the details on this Google map at //tinyurl.com/THE-RecordIt), or share via email from any gps-powered app on your phone, eg Maps or Compass on iphones, or IRecord. Or even hand-mark on a paper map!

This is what it looked like in 2018, from Haddington - Sea. Most were dug up, except where there were just too many!

Plant Type




Hogweed Count

Single Multiple Blanket

Hogweed Colour

Clear  Young Blooming

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