Survey Detailed Instuctions



The Gaia app had a signifcant upgrade in Autumn 2023– so the screenshots below are out-of-date, and even how you do some things

NB2: buttons currently dont work or show only Android screens, not iPhone

Before You Even Start

  • Tap the Map icon if its not displaying
  • Tap the Locate icon to centre on yourself
  • If you have surveyed before, view/hide those sightings, using Saved, Show on Map/
  • Tap Record – this creates a track highlighting your route (so no need to waypoint Start/End of survey)

When You Find a Plant🌴🙌😀

  • Tap   the waypoint marker
  • If its not nearby, eg the other side of the river, tap and drag the marker to the best position you can
  • Enter its details
  • View Screenshot
  • On an iPhone, if this is the first waypoint, change the folder
    • Under Add to a Folder tap the existing folder (it may be Choose Folder) & tap Change Folder
    • Tap  and create a new folder
    • Tap the folder, which assigns it
    • All items created from now on will be stored in this folder, until you change the folder (this includes the Track)
  • Save
  • You can pause & resume the Track – maybe you want a sandwich!

When You Finish the Survey 📩

Complete the survey details and email us the Track with its Waypoints:

  • Tap the Recording button and Finish Track
  • View Screenshot
  • On Android, Tap Add notes here (or  pen) and tell us about the survey (+ your name)
  • On an iPhone [screenshot]
    • Tap the folder & View Folder
    • Open Notes in IOS folder & tell us about the survey (+ your name)
    • Tap   to get the folder menu
  • Select Export, then KML (better than GPX for several reasons)
  • View Screenshot
  • Tap your preferred email program, eg Google Mail
    • Enter the email address
      • Either
      • or EskHogweed if you’re on the river Esk
    • Enter any relevant info in the email body
  • View Screenshot
  • And then Send it
  • In a day or so it all gets transferred onto the master map

🏠Housekeeping (you may ignore this section!)

To view, edit, export or delete any of your items, Tracks and Waypoints, tap Saved

  •  (top right)
    • Android: Hide/Show Filed Items (i.e. allocated to a Folder)
    • IOS: Create Folder & change List settings
  • Tap All to filter the list, eg to show only Tracks (it remembers this choice)

View Screenshot

Tap on a TrackView Screenshot

Options are divided between the menus, the pen  and the action icon 

Useful actions are:

  • Eye  – toggles whether it’s visible on the map
  • Export  –  if you want to email it
  • Delete   – You may have to scroll up to see this option
  • Edit/Crop  – to trim the ends off a Track, eg if you forgot to Finish it
  • Change Colour   –  on Android, just tap the track’s thumbnail
  • Resume Recording  – eg to continue a survey that you didn’t complete

Tap on a Waypoint (having changed the filter)

  • Edit/Reposition/Move – The Waypoint is circled and you can drag it to a new position

View Screenshot

You can also reach the above menu options from the map by tapping on the item & then tap 

You can also import an exported file using Map/Add/Import, eg this one Demo Track from the above screenshots (which needs unzipping)

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