Elphinstone Steps Repairs, Thurs April 21st 9.30

Duncan writes:

Contrary to what i may have said to a few of you, we are not going to be working on the River Tyne, instead we shall tackle some repairs to a flight of steps adjoining the Pencaitland Railway Walk at Elphinstone. Though a relatively small job – it will only need say 6-8 of you and should only take the morning, I trust it is one that will give both on the ground experience and a sense of satisfaction -seeing dodgy steps made good is always satisfying and we need to do this at other sites around the county (yes Janice, I am thinking of the Tyne at Tyninghame, amongst others).

So, if you would like to attend, as i am away, can you email Nick who’ll be in charge at mailto:nmorgan@eastlothian.gov.uk

Parking: In Elphinstone as best as you can. Please don’t park on the access road / path itself as it is both new and the landowner is not keen on vehicles there.

Work to be done:
Steps to repair – between 5-7- and tidying up around their edges. Some ‘rural joinery’ practice and a bit of hauling up of whin dust from the bottom of the steps will form the basis of this task which should only take a few folk the morning.

Training. Nick is a grand step master so will guide the work.
If it is benign and butterfly-like he may divert you along these lines, too.
What to bring?
Old clothes for working in – including boots and gloves if you have them.
Bring also some food and drink for lunch
Hammer if you have on
A few spades for the group as a whole
Tools and Equipment being used on the day:
Saws – for cutting step risers
Mattock – for knocking in stakes
Spirit level – I can dream – for getting steps and risers perfectly level and vertical!
Hammers – for nailing stakes to risers
Claw hammer / crow bar for taking out any bent nails. Surely there’ll be none!

Let Nick know if you plan to come along, thanks!

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