Install Gaia

⚒️Install Gaia

  • Click this link
    • or on the Play Store/App Store search for the app called Gaia-GPS, and install it
  • Create an Account
    • Enter email address & password
  • Your Location: tap Sounds Good, the While using.. option if offered, and Sounds Good again
  • Disclaimer: tap I Agree
  • On Elevate Your Experience tap X top right (or view the marketing trying to sell you Premium subscription)
  • It now shows the map, but its somewhere in the USA
  • Click the locate icon bottom left to centre on your location

We normally use only these icons:

Record a Track
Locate current position
Add a waypoint
View saved tracks, waypoints

There is a full description of the main screen on the Gaia support website here: Using-the-Main-Map

A couple of settings maybe worth changing from the default:

  • The labels you create for waypoints aren’t displayed, so:
    • tap the Layers icon  bottom left
    • tap Map Overlays
    • look for the Waypoint Labels option and switch it on
  • The top of the map shows a dynamic compass, which personally I don’t find useful, and it drains the battery, so:
    • in Settings/Map Controls I switch it off
  • We dont use 3D, so the icon isnt needed,so
    • in Settings/Map Controls I switch the it off