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(THE) Tyne Hogweed Eradication Program

We plan to eradicate Giant Hogweed from the River Tyne

 (initially) between Haddington and the sea

Launch Date probably Invasives Week March 2019


.... TBD full blurb: why, what, when, how to get involved etc ....

Meanwhile, our coordinator, local farmer James Wyllie, has prepared these notes targeted at all the farmers.



There are various sets of data. You can show or hide each of them.

GH 2018
GH found during 2018. Nearly all were killed - either dug up if immature or dead-headed if flowering/seeded. Except in Tyninghame Estate where there were just too many!

GH 2019
Live GH spotted that needs attention before summer 2019.

GH Major Sites
Sites where large numbers of GH have been spotted in the past, and need careful monitoring

Japanese Knotweed
A few JK have been noticed, but the list is definitely incomplete

Himalayan Balsam
Not currently recording this, as they are far too numerous!

Icon Description

 Giant Hogweed in 2018
  Giant Hogweed - Multiples
  Giant Hogweed - Singles
  Japanese Knotweed
  Himalayan Balsam

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Get with the THE program!