Are we on the right path?

Whenever people write about their favorite Core Path they know just where it is, but often just tell you its number. Or you know a path, but don't know its number? Figuring it out means hunting through the ELC maps to find it. No longer! Thanks to Nick Morgan at ELC providing the raw data we now have an interactive map of all the core paths, which you can easily browse - see it at

And to make life easier for anyone interested in walking, all the leaflets we know of which describe walks, which are listed on the same page, can also now be easily accessed using another interactive map.

Enjoy your walking!

Facebook Posts Visible Again

You can see our   posts again, here!

In 2018 Facebook changed its rules, and it stopped us showing posts from our Facebook group. But that’s now fixed, well sort of – there are limitations – it doesn’t show anybody’s name, and multimedia are links rather than being shown. But it’s better than nothing!

But why not just take the plunge and join our group page at  NB: In my view, all these scare stories about data harvesting are a global strategic storm in a teacup, or better a thimble!

New News

You have probably seen this before in an email, but in case not...


With the sad demise of the monthly BBF email the only way to get recent news about volunteer activity is from facebook - either the ELCV page or the Rangers one. Which are great sources - but if you'd rather not be on facebook at all, or know someone who isn't, we also duplicate the key items on this ELCV Website News page. However this only happens every week or three, so to save you keep checking, we have started a system that can automatically email you when there is a website news update (just like facebook does). To sign up for this go to this website page to subscribe. Or just wait for the quarterly ELC 'magazine' Mud In Your Eye!

Trustees Meetings

Not the most exciting of news, but needs must! The charity trustees meet every couple of months, to hear project updates, discuss future activities, and even make decisions. If you want to see what happened at recent meetings, see the minutes here.

One great piece of news is that Duncan Priddle's replacement, Jenny Hargreaves, who was appointed a month or two ago, is due to start her new role this Thursday (3rd October). We look forward to that!


After 14 years, Duncan is moving to pastures new. He will be greatly missed. Hopefully the ELC fully understands this. But if not, and if his edifice does slowly fade, his grandchild the ELCV does lives on to help perpetuate his legacy! Anyway, see below one of his last contributions, where there was also a small tribute from some of us (mostly Jane!)

Our Facebook Group

Arrghh!! Facebook changed its rules in April and we can no longer display the posts from our Facebook Group page. Hopefully facebook will allow it again soon.

But in the meantime, you can see our old Path Wardens facebook page here. If you like the look of it, why not just take the plunge and join our group page at  NB: In my view, all these scare stories about data harvesting are a global strategic storm in a teacup, or better a thimble!

ELCV Website Launched

Well, the East Lothian Countryside Volunteers finally have a live website!

Hopefully you will find it useful as a news feed, for reference, and especially the Dates page. It's also geared towards attracting new volunteers - we can always do with more help: share it with the buttons in the footer of any page. 

Have a good look round. And let us know what you think - all comments are helpful, whether suggestions or criticism (or praise!). 

Many thanks to all those who have contributed - both with comments, text and images, especially Duncan, Nick, Sam, Tara, Katty, most charity trustees, Ben for javascript, Kualo for site hosting, and the rangers whose social media has been shamelessly borrowed.


Well I guess we’ve been so busy there has been no time to report all the news here. Fortunately Katty has done it for us! Her newsletters include a lot of our activity, and are beautifully presented – they are all stored here in our Library.

And if you want to know what the committee has been doing, all the minutes of our meetings are there too.