Giant Hogweed Program Gathering Pace

Our Giant Hogweed program is gathering pace. To support the farmers who are doing the actual treatment, we now have around 20 volunteer spotters. On Monday half of us met for basic training. The other half were due to meet tomorrow, so we've switched that to doing it over skype/phone.
The good news is that hogweed spotting - apart from the value to the community, the exercise, and being good for your mental health - is something you can still currently do (if you remember the 2 metre rule)!
Links to all the relevant info here

Mud on the Tyne

Last week we sorted out a really muddy part of the footpath on the Tyne, downstream from Hailes footbridge. We improved the drainage by cutting 2 new channels across the path, burying plastic pipes, and covering them over. It was messy work, but by now it should all have dried out (I'll check when I get back from holiday!)

Wanted: Your Help Spotting Giant Hogweed!

It may be attractive to look at, but Giant Hogweed can cause a very nasty burn. So we are eliminating it from the entire length of the river Tyne. But we need your help with spotting and recording the plants, so that the farmers who deal with them know where to look, and don't miss a single one (one flower can easily produce hundreds of new plants).

No experience is necessary - you'll quickly get to recognise the plant, and ideally we go out in pairs. You just need the odd half day free over the spring/summer, and be willing to get your wellies dirty! See the full story at //


Will you help?

Email us at



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The Annual General Meeting of the East Lothian Countryside Volunteers charity will be held on Friday 13th (lucky us!) December at 2pm in the Haddington Town House, Main Hall (upstairs).
There will be reports on what the ELCV has achieved over the last year, plans for the future, and (re-)election of trustees for the committee (see agenda)
We are looking to recruit two or three new trustees, especially one to represent the Levenhall group, and to appoint one trustee as Secretary. If you are interested in any of these worthwhile posts, please let us know beforehand, eg by email to
All volunteers are welcome to attend, although to take part in any voting, or to become a trustee, you need to be a registered member of ELCV. If you aren't a member, but would like to be, simply email

Path Wardens Christmas Walk & Lunch

The traditional Path Warden walk and Christmas lunch is on Thursday 19th December. The walk 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️ will be somewhere around Haddington and lunch 🍷🍰will be in The Waterside Bistro. We have booked the room upstairs again, so we can have our usual rowdy 🎉 time!  £24.90 for two courses or £27.90 for three courses. Jenny has offered to put together a Duncan-style pub quiz and Nick will do his best to persuade Neil to buy us a round of drinks!! If you haven't yet told anyone you are going please email Nick or Jenny asap.

New News

You have probably seen this before in an email, but in case not...


With the sad demise of the monthly BBF email the only way to get recent news about volunteer activity is from facebook - either the ELCV page or the Rangers one. Which are great sources - but if you'd rather not be on facebook at all, or know someone who isn't, we also duplicate the key items on this ELCV Website News page. However this only happens every week or three, so to save you keep checking, we have started a system that can automatically email you when there is a website news update (just like facebook does). To sign up for this go to this website page to subscribe. Or just wait for the quarterly ELC 'magazine' Mud In Your Eye!

Trustees Meetings

Not the most exciting of news, but needs must! The charity trustees meet every couple of months, to hear project updates, discuss future activities, and even make decisions. If you want to see what happened at recent meetings, see the minutes here.

One great piece of news is that Duncan Priddle's replacement, Jenny Hargreaves, who was appointed a month or two ago, is due to start her new role this Thursday (3rd October). We look forward to that!