Giant Hogweed on the River Esk

Following on from our Giant Hogweed eradication project on the River Tyne, the Inveresk Village Society are launching their own programme to tackle the plant on the River Esk, initially on its lower reaches in East Lothian. They will be looking for local spotters - so if you live closer to the Esk than the Tyne, why not offer to help? See more details on their website at

To Whom It May Concern

ELCV offers a range of courses, one of which is the Digging Awareness Course – which is designed to cover most low level Hogweed digging offences. ELCV offer this course for educational purposes as an alternative to excommunication and penalty points, to encourage diggers to alter their attitude towards slapdash digging and the potential consequences thereof.
Will whoever was responsible for claiming to have properly dug up this plant (i.e. 6in below ground level) beside the Tyne path back in May please inform us.

We Won!

Our Giant Hogweed Eradication Programme was not just a finalist, but the winner of the Enhancing the Environment category in the Scottish Land and Estates Helping It Happen Awards! The full video of all the categories is here on YouTube. Our video starts at minute 31, and the winner is announced at min 32.20, the judges saying:

"... a brilliant initiative that really considers the long term impact of invasives. A great example of landowners and volunteers working together to enhance the environment..."

This is all due to the hard work of the farmers and the spotters, and especially James Wyllie for driving it all.

Carry On Spotting

Our River Tyne Giant Hogweed spotters can't stop spotting! Joyce, returning home from a Tyne spot, spotted more GH right by where she lives in Gladsmuir, one loner and a bunch which looked sprayed. But flowering, so she dead-headed & dug them all up. Then Chris & Morag strolling along the Lady's Walk at Tyninghame, spotted a bunch, which had clearly been sprayed, but not dead-headed. So they did the necessary. And later, out for a run around the fields, spotted another one in the distance. When they went to head-head it they found not one but more like 30 - the flower heads filled 5 bags!

Gladsmuir - Bachelor

Gladsmuir - Family

Lady's Walk - Before

Lady's Walk, after

Flowering heads have gone

Leaving bare stalks

After dealing with the "one we spotted in the distance"

5 bags of heads!