Wanted: Your Help Spotting Giant Hogweed!

It may be attractive to look at, but Giant Hogweed can cause a very nasty burn. So we are eliminating it from the entire length of the river Tyne. But we need your help with spotting and recording the plants, so that the farmers who deal with them know where to look, and don't miss a single one (one flower can easily produce hundreds of new plants).

No experience is necessary - you'll quickly get to recognise the plant, and ideally we go out in pairs. You just need the odd half day free over the spring/summer, and be willing to get your wellies dirty! See the full story at //www.elcv.org.uk/tasks/invasives/the-program/


Will you help?

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1 thought on “Wanted: Your Help Spotting Giant Hogweed!”

  1. some hogweed to report 13/04/2020 on River Tyne
    Walking upstream on path passing under railway bridge and A199; about 400m on, just after water-level measuring hut, on LHS of path, a few small specimens.
    Further on, just before orchard at Hailes mill, more on left. Also a small island near the mill had several specimens on it .Regards Robert Russel DCC

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