Giant Hogweed – Breaking News!

Phase 1 of our long-term Tyne Hogweed Eradication Programme is complete - the last Giant Hogweed plant growing this year on the River Tyne was removed on Thursday at 11.25! We know there are still many seeds lurking from previous years' flowerings, which will germinate in the coming years, but this year we reckon we have caught every plant in time (some just in time!), so hopefully no new seeds have entered the eco-system.

This is all due to the tremendous efforts by James Wyllie and all the farmers and landowners along the route, and by the volunteers who spotted, recorded, dead-headed and dug up. It is a consequence of piecemeal and increasing action over past years, fostered by the ELC Countryside Rangers, resulting in the establishment in February 2019 of THE programme to tackle it in earnest. See the full story on our Tyne Hogweed Eradication Program page

If we maintain the momentum, in five years time we may have won this fight!

We are very grateful to Bayer-UK and to Scottish Natural Heritage for their material and financial support.

All the Sightings in 2019

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Status on August 1

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