Litter Pickers

Out of the blue, ELCV recently got the following email:


I am writing from Green18, a charity that exists to further environmental education in Scotland. We have a project that aims to set up 'clean-up hubs' (as we call them) and have been successful in raising funds to get equipment for these. Initially the project was going to collaborate with Scotmid and equipment would be housed in stores across the country.
Sadly, this collaboration hasn't been successful and we are now looking to provide equipment to groups and organisations that can utilise the equipment in their local communities with some support from Green18 where necessary.
I was wondering whether you would be interested in receiving some litter pickers to be used to help keep Edinburgh clean of litter.
We immediately said yes! And today ten of them were delivered - top quality see the spec here.

Many thanks to the charity Green18 on facebook

So if you are one of our volunteers who loves keeping the countryside and beaches clean, contact Jenny to borrow one - no more excuses!

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