Carry On Spotting

Our River Tyne Giant Hogweed spotters can't stop spotting! Joyce, returning home from a Tyne spot, spotted more GH right by where she lives in Gladsmuir, one loner and a bunch which looked sprayed. But flowering, so she dead-headed & dug them all up. Then Chris & Morag strolling along the Lady's Walk at Tyninghame, spotted a bunch, which had clearly been sprayed, but not dead-headed. So they did the necessary. And later, out for a run around the fields, spotted another one in the distance. When they went to head-head it they found not one but more like 30 - the flower heads filled 5 bags!

Gladsmuir - Bachelor

Gladsmuir - Family

Lady's Walk - Before

Lady's Walk, after

Flowering heads have gone

Leaving bare stalks

After dealing with the "one we spotted in the distance"

5 bags of heads!

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