What To Bring to a Task

Below is a list of things you should consider bringing along when you come to volunteer. What you need will depend on the weather, task, etc… If you’re in any doubt, just ask the relevant ranger.

Suitable Clothing – If we’re doing a practical task, like scrub clearance, you’ll need hard-wearing stuff that you’re not precious about (don’t bring your finest Gucci slacks!). It’s likely that you’ll need something to keep you warm.

Sturdy Footwear – Hard-wearing boots for practical tasks, or sometimes Wellington boots if we’re venturing into the wet stuff.

Waterproofs – Every effort is made to book good weather for tasks but it does sometimes rain or get a bit windy. In these instances, waterproofs are the way to go.

Hat – It’s helpful to have your bonce covered should it be cold or beat down with glorious sunshine (which it does do from time to time you know!).

Sun Cream – Yes, seriously. A cooling coastal breeze has often caught folk out and sent them home a gleaming shade of lobster.

Food & Drink – Very important! It can be hungry and thirsty work. Remember extra drink in hot weather. A flask of the hot stuff can be a great thing in the winter.