Bolton – Gifford Walk

Graham & Maxine, the path wardens for core path #2 from Bolton to Gifford, led us on a walk along the route, explaining the various ways they have looked after it, and fully identifying all the flora on the way. You’ll probably have seen the report in the June BBF newsletter but this is more animated version!

If you fancy doing the walk yourself, see the ELC 1-page description here: Gifford to Bolton – Pedlars Way

AGM 2017

south-of-scotland-golden-eagle-project-3Have you enjoyed being a Path Warden? Want to know more about our plans – or even influence them? Or not really bothered with any of that – but interested in hearing about the Golden Eagle project, or how to write a Path Description along with a practical? Then come along to the AGM next Tuesday (23rd). (And if so, please let us know via or, otherwise there might not be any lunch for you!). See the full agenda here.

Terns Fencing

DSC03234Terns are a protected species, and the Little and Arctic varieties are rare in the county. So annually the Countryside Ranger Service organise a “fence” around a key nesting site on Spike Island. See us volunteers hard at work helping (and Tara running round in circles) on YouTube here.
Last year we finally saw success with four nesting Arctics(?). See what we are ultimately aiming at on this RSPB video!

SpringTyne Stroll II

phantassie millAs many people enjoyed our guided walk last year from Haddington to East Linton, this year Path Wardens are going to lead several more walks along some of East Lothian’s core paths. Please come and join us!

The first one is from East Linton to Linkfield (nearly Dunbar). We will follow the river on its journey to the sea, watch it change from river to estuary and learn about its history and wildlife along the way. Towards Dunbar the fauna gets really exotic!

It’s on Saturday April 22nd and will take about 3.5h. Contact Thomas Bower ( to reserve your place.