Our Facebook Group

Arrghh!! Facebook changed its rules in April and we can no longer display the posts from our Facebook Group page. Hopefully facebook will allow it again soon.

But in the meantime, you can see our old Path Wardens facebook page here. If you like the look of it, why not just take the plunge and join our group page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ELCVPost/.  NB: In my view, all these scare stories about data harvesting are a global strategic storm in a teacup, or better a thimble!


Don't forget - if you don't have access to facebook, you can still see (well, sort of) our Group Page on this website at Other News. And you can also see the ELC Rangers page there, which is often updated several times a week. Or why not join facebook and see them in full? You can even post yourself on the ELCV site (I didn't mean that - but yes, it could be a selfie!).

ELCV Website Launched

Well, the East Lothian Countryside Volunteers finally have a live website!

Hopefully you will find it useful as a news feed, for reference, and especially the Dates page. It's also geared towards attracting new volunteers - we can always do with more help: share it with the buttons in the footer of any page. 

Have a good look round. And let us know what you think - all comments are helpful, whether suggestions or criticism (or praise!). 

Many thanks to all those who have contributed - both with comments, text and images, especially Duncan, Nick, Sam, Tara, Katty, most charity trustees, Ben for javascript, Kualo for site hosting, and the rangers whose social media has been shamelessly borrowed.

ELCV Trustees

ELCV Trustees

Well, the expanded charity – ELCV – met finally for the first time to elect its trustees  – everyone in the picture (apart from the council rangers) and the office bearers (formal words for those mugs who volunteered to do all the work).

  • Chairman:                      Dave Oldham
  • Treasurer:                      Dick Gill
  • Secretary:                       Kate Oding
  • Membership Sec:          John Laws
  • IT Manager:                   Dave Quarendon
  • Social Convenor:          Thomas Bower
  • Training Coordinator: Katty Baird

See the full details in the Minutes 17-09-27


AGM/EGM/ELCV/LOA(Lots Of Acronyms)

Its been a busy few months for the charity. We held the AGM back in May, where we heard about:

  • the progress on the transition to ELCV
  • how we spent our money
  • the re-election of trustees
  • walks we have organised
  • the path link we are trying to get established

See the full details in the AGM Minutes

Since then there have been a couple of EGMs (Extraordinary General Meetings) so that we could formally approve the precise changes to the constitution/paperwork. Pain in the neck, but we have to do things properly!

Our priorities for the rest of 2017 and beyond are the Athlestaneford/Tyne Path link, and the charity expansion/merger/morphing/migration into/with the rest of the conservation volunteering groups, to be called the East Lothian Countryside Volunteers – the ELCV.

Watch out for the new Website and Facebook Page, which will cover all our volunteering, not just the Path Wardens.