Tern Fence

Tara writes:
Dear All,
As we outlined at the beginning of the year we have thrown in a few extra tasks, this is one! Saturday 8th April 2016 10am Linkfield Carpark . We are putting up the tern fence to prevent disturbance to the area that terns nest on the tip of Spike Island.
If you would like to join us please let me know. It is usually a longer task than normal depending on how many folk come so bring along your lunch, warm and windproof clothes it can be chilly out on the dunes. We should be finished by 1500 at the latest.
Countryside Ranger – John Muir Country Park

Spring Tyne Stroll

Join us on a guided walk along the River Tyne Path on Saturday 30th April.

The walk will give you a great way to stretch your legs, perhaps discover this delightful route for the first time, but certainly the chance to learn more about the wildlife, history and management of the path and its surrounding countryside – from the volunteers and from our local experts, rangers from the ELC Countryside Ranger Service, who will be stationed at various points along the route.

See more details, and register, on the SpringTyne Stroll page.